At the beginning, Two J’s Metalwork was operating in the corner of a farm building, fabricating items such as hanging basket brackets and small-scale decorative items. Dedication and ambition propelled Two J’s Metalwork into the professional and expansive business it is today.

What determines a business’s real wealth is the quality of it’s staff. Having learnt the trade from entry level apprentices, all of Two J’s Metal fabricators have the knowledge and skills to tackle any challenge thrown their way. Their versatile skills are represented throughout our case studies.

Simplifying anything in life is beneficial. We understand that it can seem daunting, placing a large fabrication order and we try to create a streamlined and hassle-free customer journey. From the very beginning we promise to provide easy communication and clarity of the project at hand. With realistic timescales that are tailored around you and your site programme.

A large proportion of our income at Two J’s Metalwork arises through repeat business. Once you experience our innovate problem solving skills and impressive execution and installation you will never enquire anywhere else!

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