Are you searching for a quality steel fabrication company for property developers? One who you can rely on, time and time again? Then look no further than Two J’s Metalwork. Our expertise is providing customised steel solutions designed for new as well as existing projects. Our experienced team are dedicated to becoming your trusted partner in the execution of your next development.

We will be at your disposal, enabling you to request any sort of custom-made steel structure. We will design, manufacture, deliver, and install it.

Steel Fabrication Company for Project Developers

Why Two J’s Metalwork?

Our expert team have years of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs and challenges, faced on a regular basis by people in the property industry. Here at Two J’s Metalwork, we are more than equipped to tackle these issues and deliver tailored solutions to overcome any obstacle.

At our facilities in East Sussex, quality and efficiency are paramount. Our high-tech systems and equipment enable us to manufacture components that meet and often exceed the highest standards of precision engineering. Our streamlined processes guarantee that we can meet tight deadlines effortlessly, from the initial concept to the final completion. We take immense pride in every product we produce.

Custom Steelwork Solutions

At Two J’s Metalwork, we recognise that every project is unique. That’s why the usual one size fits all solutions are never quite enough. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your project down to the last detail, so together, you can make your architectural dreams comes true. With our custom solution tailored to fit your vision, nothing is impossible!

Whether it is an extension, knocking down walls, a period property that needs sensitivity, or a complete new build, then we can help with your project.


Our highly experienced and professional team guarantee a swift installation service which includes on-site welding and alteration to steelwork. Each member of the team possesses the necessary welding tools and holds the proper authorisation for their respective positions in the operation. Years of industry experience give us an understanding that brings about reliable results.

You can have complete peace of mind, knowing that we have everything covered for your installation needs.

Where We Operate

Two J’s Metalwork is based in East Sussex. However, we extend our operations throughout Kent, West Sussex, Surrey, South London and Hampshire. If necessary, we can undertake projects in distant locations as we are not bound by geographical constraints, showcasing our flexibility.

Speak With Us

If you are a property developer and are searching for a reliable steel fabrication company, then please get in touch on 01825 732782 or via email. We are keen to discuss our services with you and provide a comprehensive explanation of how we will complete your project.

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