Are you looking for quality steel joist suppliers for building contractors? A company you can call on regularly to work alongside you, at the drop of a hat, designing, building and installing quality steelwork? Then please get in touch.

At Two J’s Metalwork, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of all types of building contractors. Our team has a long history of helping small, medium and large building companies, creating made-to-order steels that are ideal for numerous sizes and different types of construction projects. With our skilled engineers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating custom steel solutions.

At Two J’s Metalwork, client satisfaction is a priority when it comes to producing the finest structural steelwork. What sets us apart is that our staff has years of experience dealing with steel fabrication as well as installation. You only have to look at some of our case studies as well as our accreditations for the quality of our work.

steel joinest suppliers for building contractors

Why Two J’s Metalwork?

Having worked in the industry for a long time, the experts at Two J’s Metalwork are well-versed in a variety of issues that companies may encounter. Our team is efficient and capable enough to develop custom solutions to address any difficulties and maximise efficiency.

Our modern facilities and up-to-date technology mean that any steel joists produced, are in line with industry standards and produced without added delays or interruptions. As this industry necessitates quick turnaround times, our streamlined processes enable us to meet even the most pressing deadlines.

Steel Joist Suppliers for Large Projects

At Two J’s Metalwork, our team has the capability to customise fabrication to make for a smooth installation. Our work meets the high standards set by CE Marking BS EN 1090 and helps prevent any delays when installing on-site. Additionally, our production facilities ensure that each time a bespoke steel item is delivered, it is of excellent quality.

We appreciate that every project requires its own unique approach. Our team believes that providing a one-size-fits-all solution is rarely effective. That’s why when working with us, you can expect a tailored plan to suit your specific requirements. Working in close partnership with you allows us to get an understanding of the details of your project and design a custom solution to suit your needs precisely.

From a selection of small builders’ beams or joists to full-scale steel structures, we are up for the challenge to consistently produce outstanding results. The difference between working with an expert on construction projects is a noticeable one.

steel joinest suppliers for building contractors


No one understands the importance of quality and professionalism better than us. With a wealth of industry experience, they strive to provide not only fast service but also onsite welding and alteration expertise where required. Each member is fully trained and certified in all aspects of their role.

Where We Operate

Two J’s Metalwork is based in East Sussex. However, we extend our operations throughout Kent, West Sussex, Surrey, South London and Hampshire. We are not limited geographically, so can also complete projects further afield if required.

Speak With Us

If you are searching for steel joist suppliers for building contractors, then please get in touch. Give the team a call on 01825 732782 or through email. We are keen to discuss our services with you and provide a comprehensive explanation of how we will complete your project.

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