This project was in Lisson Grove in West London and we were asked to design, build and install a steel balcony with full balustrade.

The balcony hangs off some existing steel which is part of the window structure. There is also a small hidden gate within the handrail/balustrade that disappears once its closed.

Balcony With Full Balustrade

Why You Should Choose Two J’s Metalwork

  • Custom Structural solutions – tailored steel frames designed to meet specific project requirements.
  • Expert fabrication and precision – Skilled craftsmen employ precision in manufacturing intricate steel frames.
  • Compliance and safety – Frames engineered to meet or exceed industry standards and safety regulations.
  • Collaborative approach – Work closely with clients and architects to translate ideas into functional steel frames.
  • Efficiency and timeliness – Deliver projects within specified timelines without compromising quality.
  • Technical support and maintenance – Offer ongoing technical assistance and guidance, if required for maintenance and upkeep.


How Can We Help You?

If you are looking for any type of bespoke steel framework for any style of building or unit then get in touch. This balcony with full balustrade now looks stylish, is very in-keeping with the environment and is safe for all who use it.

Two J’s Metalwork would always love to chat with you further. We work throughout HampshireSurrey, Essex & South London, as well as Kent, West and East Sussex.

Please contact us on 01825 732782 if you would like to make an enquiry for a project such as this.

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