This project was ideal for Two Js Metalwork. It was for the design, supply and installation of a goalpost frame, to support the gable end of this stunning old coachhouse refurbishment in Hartfield.

Access was tight, as you can see, but our new Two Js truck was ideal for the job! We used genie lifts to raise the top beam to the desired height. Chemical resin anchors were then required to fix the columns to the concrete slab. Then we tied the brickwork back to the steel columns to give the building some added lateral rigidity.

Groundworks and all general building work was carried out by other contractors. We supplied the required steel and brought it to the property in Hartfield, East Sussex, where we fixed it all very successfully into position.

Many older outbuildings, freestanding garages and old coachhouses such as this often fall into decay. So it was great to see this one being brought back to life!

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