This was an interesting project for Two J’s Metalwork. We were commissioned to create a bespoke steel structure for an eco roof that would ultimately become a sun deck, to sit alongside an outdoor swimming pool for a large domestic property.

The main beam on this job weighed in at 1.3 Tonne and the site was obstructed by the pool. As well as this, the site entrance was a narrow single track drive. So we really had our work cut out getting the steelwork in position. To erect this steelwork, we used an 8×4 rigid lorry with mounted crane jib, this allowed us to get the steelwork into the tight access road before rigging up and setting the steelwork in its location.

The steel goalpost to form the entrance of the building was first galvanised and then powder coated to give it the desired colour finish. Whilst having the additional durability delivered from the galvanising process to help combat the salty air – as this site was located near the coast.

The steelwork was required to form a level deck for a turfed eco roof doubling up as a sundeck looking over the pool. The weight of the eco roof reflects in the size of the beams provided. The use of cold rolled steel sections to create the joists and tensioner rods to lock in their spacings offers a stronger, more long lasting alternative to using timber.

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