This project was a full redevelopment of an existing bungalow in Essex. Bespoke steelwork for a residential property conversion such as this is the ideal job for Two J’s Metalwork. The renovation was to create a large and luxurious two storey house.

The use of steelwork in this build allowed the option of large open rooms with no additional supporting stud walls. This particular build created a large atrium entrance hall which would later be infilled with glass panels allowing light into the hall.

Steelwork for a Residential Property Conversion

Phase One

We split this particular job into two phases. Phase one of this project was the ground floor steelwork forming the structure over.

Before starting any installation, our setting out engineer is sent to site to mark the exact location of each post. As well as every individual fixing hole required to fix the steelwork to the concrete. From this, our erectors arrive armed with a crane to lift all steelwork into its desired location, whilst working from the CAD drawings provided by us. Upon phase one completion we can now leave the site, to allow the other trades to complete their works in relation to that level.

Phase Two

Phase two consisted of first floor and roof steelwork. These steels are mainly cranked, which is to form the structure and shape of the roof. To crank a steel beam in the workshop, our fabricators first cut the desired mitres to a stock steel beam. Then V prep the steelwork to allow full penetration of weld. Finally welding the entire joint, which is known as a full penetration butt weld.

The use of a crane to install steelwork is something we are very familiar with due to the general weight of steelwork. Each of our erecting crews have what is known as an AP. Which is a craneage appointed person, who is responsible for the execution and safety of the lifting operation.

Finally, once the steelwork was installed it was coated in intumescent paint to provide an extra layer of fire resistance. 


Please see some of the photographs we took of this project.

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If you are looking for bespoke steelwork for a residential property conversion, then Two J’s Metalwork handle many projects such as this. This particular project was in Essex, but we also work throughout Hampshire, Surrey, South London, Kent as well as Sussex.

Please contact us on 01825 732782 if you would like to make an enquiry for a project such as this.

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