We love it when we can get some great photography of our work. And actually steel structures can be extremely artistic, even if it is just the starting point of a new build and most probably it will never be seen again!

We took these shots of a detached garage and a single storey building that is positioned next to it. You can see the quality of the work we do which is fabulous.

Working from bespoke plans we constructed the garage first and then the next week, the single storey framework was built.


Want to work with us?

If you are looking for bespoke Steel Frame for any style of building such as this, then Two J’s Metalwork would love to chat with you further. This particular job was in East Sussex, but we work throughout KentHampshireSurrey, Essex & South London, as well as West and East Sussex.

Please contact us on 01825 732782 if you would like to make an enquiry for a project such as this.

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